My baby has a loose tooth. What should I do?

If your child has a loose baby tooth and it seems too early, it’s best if you come to see us at our Carson City dental office. It may be a normal part of the process, but we can’t be sure until we take a look to see what’s going on.

Children normally lose their first tooth between the ages of five and six, and it’s usually the lower two teeth that are lost first. If your child is much younger than five or if the loose tooth is not one of the lower front teeth, we should definitely see your child.

We need to check to see if losing the tooth will leave enough space for the permanent tooth to come in. We have several concerns over losing a baby tooth too early:

  • Eruption of the permanent teeth in that area may be delayed.
  • The gap left by the lost tooth doesn’t leave enough room for the permanent tooth to come in.
  • Since teeth may shift when there’s an empty space, your child’s dental bite may be affected.

We may need to take a dental x-ray to see where the permanent teeth are and if there's enough room for the permanent tooth to come in properly. We may recommend a space maintainer to prevent neighboring teeth from moving into the spot where the permanent tooth will erupt.

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