How soon should I bring my child to see the dentist?

We recommend that you bring your child to see us at First Care Dental around age one. At this time, their baby teeth are starting to appear, and we can begin monitoring their dental development.

Of course, when your child’s only a year old, we’re not going to try to do any complicated exams or treatments. Every positive experience your child has with us is a step toward developing a good attitude about dental care. If they feel good about seeing the dentist now, chances are that dental visits won’t cause them a lot of anxiety as an adult.

During the first visit, we’ll take time to show your little one our fun game room, look at all the interesting equipment, and meet our caring staff. We’ll count their teeth and let them take a little ride in our just-for-kids dental chair. At this time, we'll also take the opportunity to speak with you about the best ways to protect your child's oral health and keep their teeth in excellent condition for many years.

If we feel that your child’s comfortable with us, we’ll take a look at their teeth to see if there are any signs of obvious problems. Of course, you are welcome to stay with your child throughout their appointment.

At First Care Dental, we make your child’s visits fun. We offer lots of effective distractions like overhead TVs to make time go by faster and keep them occupied while we perform the necessary treatment. Dr. Yen and Dr. Ton have been treating children for nearly 20 years, and know exactly what your child needs to have a good experience with us.

Please give us a call to arrange your child’s exciting first dental visit!