My child has an abscessed tooth. What should I do?

An abscessed tooth is a serious problem for anyone, and a child with an abscess needs to be seen immediately. We urge you to contact First Care Dental, and we’ll see them as quickly as possible.

Our first step is taking care of the abscess to prevent infection from spreading to other vital parts of the body. The base of the brain is very close to the upper teeth, and the major artery supplying blood to the brain is also very close to the lower molar.

Getting any infection under control quickly is important for a child’s overall well-being. There are several reasons for this:

  • Children do not have a mature immune system, and are more likely to be susceptible to dental infections. As you know, a child can be fine one moment and very sick the next.
  • Your child doesn’t have the body mass of an adult, meaning that they don’t have the same capacity for dealing with the dehydration that comes with a fever.
  • An abscess can spread bacteria into the bloodstream and then around the body. Antibiotics, IV or oral, should be given immediately.

Please contact us immediately if you suspect that your child has an abscess. If you’re not in a place where you can get to us easily, we advise you to take them to the nearest emergency room for prompt treatment.