Pulp Treatment

If your child’s baby tooth has been damaged by severe decay or trauma from an accident, we need to take quick action to save the tooth. At First Care Dental, our job is to make sure that children’s baby teeth stay healthy and strong until they’re ready to come out naturally.

When decay gets inside your child’s tooth, it may reach deep enough to infect the pulp inside of the tooth. Pulp is at the center of the tooth and contains blood vessels and nerves that provide feeling for the tooth.

If the pulp becomes irritated and infected, your child will experience a toothache. We can’t treat this kind of problem with a filling, and we’ll recommend pulp treatment to give your child relief and save the tooth.

What Is Pulp Treatment?

Once infection reaches the pulp, there's no way we can just clean it out. Pulp treatment (also called a pulpotomy) is a procedure where we remove the pulp, sterilize the space, and fill it with dental material. You may hear this procedure referred to as a “baby root canal,” but it’s really not a root canal at all because we only remove the pulp in the crown of the tooth, not the whole root.

After we complete the procedure, we’ll recommend that a crown be placed on the tooth to protect it from further damage. In just a couple days, the tooth will act and function just like a normal tooth.

How Will I Know if My Child Needs Pulp Treatment?

We can find out if your child needs pulp treatment during a regular exam or with x-rays. If you find your child complaining of persistent pain, pulp treatment may be the best way to remove any infection and make the tooth healthy again. In certain cases, we may prescribe antibiotics to make sure all infection is eliminated.

If we recommend pulp treatment for your child, we urge you to follow through with the recommendation. Baby teeth are important, and an infection is not something you should ignore, even if your child’s not in any pain. This type of infection can be dangerous if we don’t eliminate the problem.

Gentle Care for Your Child

We want to assure you that pulp treatment isn’t painful. But if your child has a problem with dental visits, we’ll be happy to talk to you about nitrous oxide sedation if they’re over the age of three. With our gentle care and concern for your child, we’ll have them leaving our office with a tooth that will remain in good health until it’s good and ready to come out on its own.

Please call our Carson City dental office to make an appointment so we can check on the condition of your child’s teeth. If we find that pulp treatment is necessary, we’ll work with you to help cover the cost of treatment. Some insurance companies will cover part of the cost, but we’ll give you an estimate of your portion of the cost so that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises.