Baby Dental Crowns

Losing a baby tooth can be an exciting event for your child. It’s a sign that they’re growing up, not to mention the important visit from the tooth fairy!

But losing a baby tooth before it’s ready to fall out creates big problems for your child’s future oral health. If a baby tooth is damaged by decay, we need to repair it so it stays in place until the permanent tooth can come in naturally. If the cavity is small, a filling may be all that’s needed to repair the tooth and make it healthy again.

Fillings can be very effective for small cavities, but sometimes a cavity may be so large that a filling isn’t enough to strengthen the tooth properly. In this case, Dr. Yen or Dr. Ton may recommend the placement of a dental crown instead of a filling.

Baby Teeth are Important

Your child will eventually lose all their baby teeth, but until the teeth are ready to come out naturally, we need to do everything we can to keep them in good shape. Baby teeth aren’t permanent, but they perform some very important jobs until they’re ready to come out, including: 

  • Helping your child to chew easily
  • Allowing your child to speak normally  
  • Holding a space for permanent teeth
  • Guiding permanent teeth into proper position

How Baby Dental Crowns Help

You may be wondering why a young child needs a crown instead of a filling. Depending on your child’s age and where the tooth is located (back teeth take a lot more abuse than front teeth), a filling may not be strong enough to support the tooth. 

We may also recommend a baby dental crown if we find that your child has had pulp treatment or if they're at high risk for developing cavities. If a child needs a lot of dental attention, it may be easier to place a crown than to have them come in for multiple visits for fillings. 

Baby crowns are very durable and affordable and should last until your child's permanent teeth are ready to come in. Since the crown covers the entire tooth, it protects it from further decay and makes it strong enough to function properly.

Trust Your Child's Health to Professionals Who Care

At First Care Dental, we know how important it is to keep your child’s baby teeth healthy. We’ll give you all the support and information you need to make sure your child follows proper oral hygiene and a healthy diet. 

Dr. Ton and Dr. Yen have been helping kids in Carson City with gentle, compassionate care for over 15 years. Our team works hard to make sure your child feels comfortable, safe, and secure with us. 

If you have financial concerns, we’re here to help. We’re in-network with many insurance providers who will cover a portion of the cost for your child’s dental crown. If yours doesn’t or if you’re uninsured, we’ll work with you to find the financial solution that best fits your budget. 

Please call us to schedule an appointment for your child’s next dental exam. We’d love to welcome you to our family!