Patient Reviews

Knowing what our patients are saying about us can help you decide if you think we'd be a good fit for your child's dental needs. We encourage you to read some of our testimonials so you can see for yourself how our patients feel about their experiences with us. 

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Genuine Care and Concern

First Care Dental was able to accomodate my son even on short notice. Everyone was professional and communicated all aspects of care clearly. Thumbs up to Dr. Yen who understood the urgency of my son's situation, at the same time taking into consideration our financial limitations. She and the staff pulled through, showing genuine care and concern for my son, the patient. Would highly recommend Dr. Yen. They put the patient's best interests first.

A Great Experience Every Time

My kids are always begging to go to the dentist; to hear them talk you would think it was Disneyland. And I love that all three of my children can be seen at once, and I can be with all of them throughout their appointment. Thank you for such a great experience every time!

Nice and Efficient!

It's so nice to be able to walk into a dentist appointment and walk out 30 minutes later. Dr. Yen is extremely efficient and I am glad we made the switch to Dr. Yen from our other dentist. I do not have any regrets. Thanks!